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Low Dose Antigen Therapy

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Have seasonal allergies and asthma got you down?  Are food sensitivities giving you gas, bloating and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms?  Feeling fatigued from all the nasal congestion?  Eczema or psoriasis making “shorts weather” unsightly?  Tired of trying to find a laundry detergent that doesn’t make you sneeze?

We are proud to announce that we will now offer Low Dose Allergen (LDA) Immunotherapy Therapy at our practice to help you with all your allergy symptoms!  We want nothing more for you (and ourselves) than to have freedom from those annoying allergy complaints.

LDA is a revolution in allergy relief.   Safe and convenient, with no risk of anaphylaxis, LDA is cost effective and may help you get the long term relief you’ve been looking for in an allergy treatment.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is it? Low dose antigen (LDA) therapy is a cutting edge immunotherapy for the reduction and removal of the allergic response to over 300 allergens.   The allergens LDA is formulated to treat include inhalant pollens, dust and mites, fungi, yeast, molds, foods, food additives, pets and dander, common chemicals and perfumes, and formaldehyde—almost any allergen you may have.

Why should I consider LDA therapy?  LDA therapy is useful for the treatment of:

  • Hay fever and seasonal allergies.
  • Food sensitivities and inflammatory gut problems related to food sensitivities.
  • Mold and fungus sensitivities.
  • Fatigue related to allergies.
  • Eczema, psoriasis, and various dermatitis conditions related to allergies.
  • Chemical sensitivities such as perfumes, chemicals, formaldehyde, and soaps.
  • Mood disorders such as ADD and ADHD when they are related to allergens.


It’s safe, convenient, and very effective.

How is LDA prescribed?  LDA is mixed at a compounding pharmacy and is given by intradermal injection here at the office once every 2 months.   You will have to come into the office to receive your shots.  The compounded LDA mixture will be sent to our office once a month, and you will have 1-2 weeks from it’s arrival at our office for you to schedule a time to come in and receive your injection.

To eradicate your allergies completely, most people will need 6-12 shots (1-2 years of treatment depending on the severity of your symptoms).  Occasionally, there are patients who require very infrequent booster shots.   A large percentage of patients will get immediate relief from the first injection.

How is LDA formulated?  LDA is made with an enzyme mixture containing an extremely low dose of over 300 allergens and beta-glucoranidase.  The enzyme mixture acts as a lymphokine, better signaling the immunizing effects of the allergens.  LDA induces the production of “activated” T-suppressor cells.  T-cells have a half-life of about 60 days; therefore, LDA can create a much longer lasting desensitization than the conventional immunotherapy used in the USA.  Patients generally need fewer allergy medications immediately and avoidance of the allergens becomes much less necessary.

Will I get relief right away?  It is common for patients with simple allergic symptoms like hay fever and seasonal allergies to get immediate relief.   However, the FULL benefit of LDA will take longer.  Patients with multiple and severe allergies may take 3-8 shots to get relief.

All patients will need a minimum of 6-8 shots for long lasting and full benefit with some needing as many as 12 doses.  It is very rare for a patient to have no response

Additionally, for foods that cause adverse reactions, like milk and wheat, usually take the longest time to desensitize completely.

What should I expect after the injections?  The response to LDA has two distinct phases after an injection:

  1. Immediate Reaction:  An immediate temporary “cure” of symptoms may result.  This may begin immediately after the first treatment and usually should last 2-5 weeks.  One may experience this for the first several treatments.  The first shot that should “work”—at least to some degree—for most patients will be either the first, second or third.  A positive response to the first injection occurs on an average about 70% of the time, a neutral response about 23%, and a poor response about 7%.  Response rates generally improve with subsequent injections.


  1. Delayed Action:  This should begin after 3-4 weeks (when the   lymphocytes mature) and may last to some degree for 2-4 months at first, then much longer later on in treatment.  This response begins usually between the sixth and eighth treatment, when there may be no apparent immediate response to the shot, but as lymphocytes mature, the positive effects are noted.   Patients may complain for 3 weeks after a treatment, only to find their shot “kicks in,” almost like magic, at about 3-4 weeks.


Do I need to worry about an anaphylaxis reaction?  No, there has NEVER been an anaphylactic reaction to LDA shots in the USA since it’s inception in 2002.

I have a true peanut allergy:  are these injections safe and effective for me?  Yes, true food allergies (IgE-mediated), such as life-threatening reactions to shellfish and peanut, do not exclude you from safely using this therapy.

Is it safe to take all my current supplements and medications during the treatment?  LDA treatments require very specific guidelines for the use of medications and supplements.  You may be required to discontinue some of your medications, soaps, shampoos, lotions and supplements for a brief amount of time, and, in some cases, a longer  time before, during, and after the injection.  At your initial appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, you will be given instructions specific to your supplement and medication regimen.

Additionally, there may dietary changes for the three days surrounding your injection that will improve your chances of the injection being effective.

I’m moving to a different state in 2 months, should I still get the injections?  No, never plan to start LDA unless you’re willing to be treated for 12 months before you might see lasting results.


How do I get started?


1) Set an appointment with either Dr. Camp or Nurse Practitioner, Marya Grosse, prior to the injection to discuss the protocol.  This appointment can be in person or on the phone.

2) Follow up with your injection as soon as 3 Days later.

3) Repeat your injection every 2 months for 1 year!


Here is a link to an article explaining LDA from Dr. Shrader, the MD responsible for making this treatment available in the US:


See you soon,

Morgan Camp and Marya Grosse