Cold and Flu Season: How to stay Healthy!

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It’s Almost Cold and Flu Season:  How to Stay Healthy!

The darker and colder days of winter are almost upon us!  And, while holiday fun is something many of us look forward to, unfortunately, this time of year also means a surge in colds and flu!  While friends, family and co-workers may be hacking away around you, you CAN stay healthy!  If you do catch a bug, we have the information you need and an effective supplement plan to greatly minimize the damage!  We want to get you ahead of the curve so you can stay healthy this season.  Following is a review of lifestyle and diet habits that may prevent colds and flus as well as a list of supplements to knock it out if you do get an infection.  It’s great to have at least some of these supplements on hand at home as many are most effective literally at the first sign or couple of hours after exposure or symptoms. Get your supplements today so that you and your family are prepared for cold and flu season! Read on!

General Prevention

There are many things you can do to prevent catching a cold or flu.  With a healthy lifestyle and diet, you can prevent almost any acute infectious illness.  If you missed last month’s newsletter on Adrenal health, please review now by clicking HERE as protecting your adrenal health is an important key to staying healthy.   Here is our list of your top lifestyle and foods that are infection squashers!!!!!!

Frequent Hand Washing:  Many experts agree and it is well documented that frequent hand washing prevents the spread of infectious organisms, both viral and bacterial.  If someone is sick at home or at work, preventing hand to nose/mouth transmission of the infectious agent is your first big block to acquiring the illness.   Effective hand washing does not necessitate chemical soaps.  It DOES necessitate 10-15 seconds of soaping and rubbing hands together firmly and rinsing in warm water.  Count the seconds.  It will feel long at first.  Do this as frequently as needed.  If you are surrounded in an enclosed environment (home, work, court, Target, wherever!), hand washing every hour or more would be appropriate!

Avoid Hand to Nose/Mouth Contact:  Handwashing is a part of avoiding spreading infection, but so it avoiding touching infected items that someone sick may have touched.  Avoid sharing the following with sick people: sharing pens, utensils, cups, door handles, elevator buttons, and almost anything you can think of that multiple people touch in a public environment.  Use your elbow to press elevator buttons in public areas during cold season (I do this year-round).   If you must touch an infected public door handle or other infected item, wash your hands as soon as possible and avoid touching your hands to your face until you do so.

Keep Your Vitamin D Optimal:  Keeping your Vitamin D levels in an optimum level is an effective way of preventing colds and flus.  It is not a simple coincidence that people contract far less of these infections during the summer.  As many of you know, vitamin levels naturally increase during increased exposure to the sun.  Vitamin D enhances immune function and is a primary hormone for improved immune function and cold and flu prevention.

Optimize Sleep: We all have heard about the benefits of sleep.  Most of us hardly function if we miss out on more than 1 or 2 nights of good sleep.  Sleep is when your body repairs and rejuvenates.  It’s critical for healthy immune, adrenal, hormonal, neurologic, brain and gastrointestinal function.  If you are able to get regular, deep sleep, you will have a head start on a strong immune system for preventing colds and flus.  Start creating a sleep routine that supports a good nights sleep.  Turn off all TV’s, computers, game devices, and bright lights at least an hour ahead of your expected sleep time.   For a full read on sleep and how to improve it, please click HERE to read our article on Sleep.

Include Coconut Oil in Your Diet:  Coconut oil is fast becoming the latest in good health.  There are many good reasons for this:  coconut oil promotes weight loss, helps reduce insulin, may improve metabolism, and what’s important for our topic here is that coconut oil has many anti-infectious properties.   It is useful in the treatment of gut candida infections, but it also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.   While vitamin D and other supplements go into my suitcase for travel trips, coconut oil does too.  It’s useful for scrapes and burns, improving skin, is anti-inflammatory in general, but I add it into my tea or coffee when traveling for added defense against colds and flus.   If you start using it regularly in your cooking, you will get this added benefit year round.

Include Garlic, Onion, and Shallots in Your Cooking:  Onions and garlic and their relatives (leeks, shallots) are super foods to keep in your kitchen this fall and winter to prevent illness.  Both onions and garlic are in the Allium vegetable family and they are rich in sulfides and sulfoxides.  These sulfers are potent anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements.  Even some antibiotic resistant strains of staph bacteria have been shown to respond well to garlic.   Garlic is a particularly potent anti-infective.

Garlic loses some of it’s anti-infective properties when cooked.  Unfortunately, raw garlic makes many people nauseous.  I discovered in college the best way to get raw garlic down without nausea was to create a raw garlic-butter or oil toast.  Here’s how to make your gluten free toast with some raw garlic butter or garlic olive oil or coconut oil.  Start by melting 2-3 teaspoons of organic, raw butter or olive oil or coconut oil over low heat in a saucepan.  Meanwhile toast your gluten free bread and chop 1-2 cloves of garlic.  When the butter is just melted but not hot, add the garlic and immediately put the garlic oil or butter on the toast and eat.  You will have a raw garlic toast treat that will not make you nauseated! Do this 2-3 times per day at the onset of a cold!

Regular Exercise:  Exercise is not just good for mood, your waistline, and your cardiovascular health.  It is great for improving your immune system and reducing your chances of getting colds and flus.  Research continually confirms that it does not need to be intense or exhausting for you to reap the immune-boosting benefits.

Some findings show that moderate exercise such as 20-30 minute walks several times a week reduces the number of colds and flus a person will get.   Research shows that regular exercise boosts both the number and the aggressiveness of natural killer cells by as much as 50%-300%.  These immune cells are one of your initial defenses that battle infectious intruders.

In another study in the American Journal of Medicine, women who walked for 30 minutes every day for a year had half the number of colds as women who did no exercise at all.  Another study found that T-Cells—a white blood cell that fights infections–were also increased with a simple walking program.

Get moving to avoid colds and flus.  Start your walking program today!

What To Do After An Exposure

Ok, so you’ve been taking your vitamin D, washing your hands, getting lots of sleep, and eating all kinds of garlic and coconut oil, but now you are certain you had close contact with a very sick person and got exposed. You’re even feeling a little fatigued as if illness may soon ensue.  No worries.  It only means it’s time to start taking the correct anti-virals and immune support at the correct dosing.  All of these products are available at our online store.  Buy a few today so that you are prepared at the first sign of exposure! Click the highlighted word to order these supplements from our online store so that you are prepared at home!  Here’s your infection battle plan:

  • Vitamin D3:  Start loading our Liquid-D3 by Rx Vitamins immediately after exposure.  You should take 1 dropperful per day x 3 days, then 5 drops per day for one month.  Then re-check serum blood levels
  • Argentyn 23:  This bio-active silver hydrosol product Argentyn 23 is available through licensed professionals only.  It is a refined and pure colloidal silver which enhances immune function and is used as an anti-infectious agent, killing various viruses and bacteria.  Take 1 teaspoon 3 times per day.  Hold in mouth for 1-2 minutes then swallow.
  • Vitamin C:  Take 3,000 milligrams 3 times per day of our Vitamin C Powder by AllergyResearchGroup.  Vitamin C has long been heralded as a strong anti-viral at therapeutic dosages.  Our powder is highly absorbable to help knock out that infection!  This dosage may give you some loose stool, a normal side effect. You may decrease your dose to 2 grams 3 x per day if this side effect is bothersome.  However, loose stool may enhance your healing ability by detoxing and improving liver and gut health which will improve your chance of fighting of the exposure, an added bonus actually.
  • Selenium:  Selenium is touted as being a big gun against the flu virus specifically. Take 200 mcg per day of our highly absorbable Selenium Solution.
  • Pregnenalone:  Get out your sublingual Pregnenalone to enhance your immune function!  If you read our adrenal health newsletter, you will already understand that cortisol will help improve immunity and fight infection.  Pregnenalone is a pre-cursor hormone that will convert in part to cortisol, boosting your immune system. Take 10 drops sublingually 3 times a day until symptoms resolve.  Be sure to hold the drops under your tongue a full 60 seconds for absorption!

Treating Full Blown Colds and Flus

Below are listed powerhouse supplements that will greatly reduce both the intensity and the duration of your cold or flu.  As soon as you realize your exposure has moved into the infection stage, start the following supplement regimen as soon as possible.   Again, to order click the highlighted product to get directed to our online store for purchase.

  • Vitamin D3:  Increase the amount of Vitamin D3 you take immediately to 1,000 Units per pound of body weight (or 1 drop per kilo per day x 3 days).  Again, ramping up your Vitamin D will quickly increase your immunity.
  • Argentyn 23:  Ramp up the dose of this potent anti-microbial.  Take 2 Tablespoons 3-4 times per day.
  • Virattack:  Add on this powerful herbal mixture.  As the name implies, this mixture is a specifically concocted anti-viral.  Take 1 dropperful 5 times per day.
  • D-Lenolate:  An olive leaf extract formulation, D-Lenolite can be used to remedy many different types of viral infections including colds and flus.  D-Lenolite has many anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Take 1 capsule 3 times per day.
  • Bio-Identical Hydrocortisone:  For those of you currently taking Hydrocortisone as part of your hormone regimen, hydrocortisone is fantastic at improving immune system response and minimizing colds and flus.  Take an extra 5 mg at the onset of symptoms, then take another 5 mg 30-60 minutes later.  You may need to double your regular dose for a few days.

Please see the Cold and Flu Treatment Quick sheet below for a synopsis of these supplement remedies.

Cold and Flu Treatment Qucik Cheat Sheet: 

What to take ASAP after Exposure:

  • Vitamin D3: 1 dropperful per day for 3days, then 5 drops per day for 1 month
  • Argentyn 23: 1 tsp 3 time per day.  Hold in mouth for 1-2 minutes
  • Vitamin C: 3,000mg, 3 times per day
  • Selenium: 200mcg per day
  • Pregnenolone: 10 drops, 3 times per day sublingually until symptions resolve

What to take for Actual Treatment when Sick:  Take immediately at START symptoms.  (This is a very potent infection treatment plan!)

  • Vitamin D3: 1,000 Units per pound of body weight (or 1 drop per Kilo of body weight for 3 days)
  • Argentyn 23: 2 tbsp, 3-4 times per day.  Hold in mouth for 1-2 minutes
  • Virattack: 1 dropperful, 5 times per day
  • D-Lenolate: 1 capsule, 3 times per day
  • Hydrocortisone: Take an extra dose immediately at onset of symptoms, then again 30-60 minutes later.  May need to double dose for a few days.


Concluding Remarks

All of us here at Dr. Morgan Camp MD and Associates want to wish you a safe and healthy holiday season!  Get a head-start on your prevention plan today.  Print out and post on your refrigerator the supplement cheat sheet for cold and flus below so the information is practical and handy.  Log in to our online store HERE to get your cold and flu supplement remedy stash together and ready for combat action!


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