Telomerase: Anti-Aging Strategy at the Chromosomal Level!

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We are very excited to bring you Telomerase, a breakthrough in anti-aging medicine! Telomerase is an enzyme that actually will increase the length of the telomere strands on your DNA and keep them from shortening.

Why is this important? According to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn PhD professor at UCSF (and also the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine 2009 for her part in the creation of Telomerase) DNA Telomere function is crucial to anti-aging strategies: “Telomere shortness is associated with just about all the major diseases of aging….from cardiovascular (CV) disease, death from CV disease, risks of CV disease, diabetes, diabetes risks such as insulin resistance, vascular dementia, to osteoporosis.” She continues by adding, “The list goes on and on and the correlation is always in the same direction: shorter telomere length is associated with more disease.” Research shows that shorter telomeres predict an increase risk for cancer, inflammation, diseases of all kinds, premature aging, and death.

Telomere shortening is a natural part of aging. And Telomerase is the only known enzyme to stop telomere shortening and increase the length of telomeres that have already undergone considerable shortening.

Lifestyle strategies that help prevent the rate of telomere shortening include getting plenty of sleep, avoiding stress, and having a moderate exercise plan consistently. Once again, a healthy lifestyle is the basis for optimal health!

To consult with Dr. Camp regarding Telomerase and how it might fit into your anti-aging strategy, please call our office for an appointment or you may make an appointment byclicking HERE or call (415) 383-9903. To order Telomerase, click HERE.

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